ROK Resources Responsibilities

Protecting the Environment and our Stakeholders

ROK’s strategy is guided by sustainability and responsible economic growth, and our team is fully devoted to our employees, indigenous communities, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Environmental stewardship and a commitment to community and landscape is as important as value creation.

What is Modern Slavery?

The purpose of Canada’s new Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act (Act), “is to implement Canada’s international commitment to contribute to the fight against forced labour and child labour through the imposition of reporting obligations on

  1. government institutions producing, purchasing or distributing goods in Canada or elsewhere; and
  2. entities producing goods in Canada or elsewhere or in importing goods produced outside of Canada.”

Forced labour and child labour, each defined in the Act, are crimes and serious violations of human rights. As a Canadian Oil and Gas company operating in Saskatchewan and Alberta, ROK Resources acknowledges the important role in ensuring our operations, and supply chains that support our operations, adhere to the highest ethical standards, including the prevention and identification of forced labour and child labour within our supply chain.

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